【This isn't ART?】Studying Art at University

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【This isn't ART?】Studying Art at University - Игры на Android (видео в HD качестве)

⇨ Follow-up video: https://youtu.be/-TvpiJlgKC4
My teachers in school hated manga art, but it got worse at university :'D So this video features an anecdote, an experience I had with an exam I had a while a go. :) Anyway, I have to study art to teach art in school, not just art for its own sake ^^
Do you have similar or different thoughts about that topic? Tell me in the comments :)

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Questions about materials, brushes, colors, paper etc.?
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Ink / Colors / Material used:
Watercolor (Schmincke), and Pencil on Arches hotpressed watercolor paper (300g)
23 x 31cm
about 6 hours

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【This isn't ART?】Studying Art at University - Игры на Android (видео в HD качестве)