10 ART HACKS Every Artist Needs To Know!

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Kirsty Partridge Art   |   2 год. назад
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10 ART HACKS Every Artist Needs To Know! - Видео из ютуба

I am sharing 10 easy life hacks for artists to make your drawings and painting time easier and also give you some art hacks to help you save money!

Windsor and newton watercolours: http://geni.us/ProfessionalWatercolor
Cheaper alternative: http://geni.us/StarterWatercolorSet

Prismacolor coloured pencils: http://geni.us/Prismacolor150Set

Derwent Graphic pencils: http://geni.us/DerwentGraphicPencils

Generals charcoal pencils: http://geni.us/CharcoalDrawingSet

Scotch magic tape: http://geni.us/ScotchTape

Website: ipiccy.com

These hacks are for painting, sketching with graphite and charcoal and also some for coloured pencils! I hope you like these easy art tips and techniques.

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