Обновление майнкрафта для андроида

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09.06.2017 IceCreamGames Yea

Quality awful!

07.06.2017 Cyrus Limpahan

Thank you so much

05.06.2017 alfred anderson

Hey this is my brother? ! I m serious

03.06.2017 Deniela Bissoon

Thank you so much i was trying to get the update this really really really helped me a lot

01.06.2017 Exploding TNT

That s not true i try that

31.05.2017 Vloomace Agatah

Thank you it work you have a subscribe for me

28.05.2017 Ashadel Alif Fadhilah


26.05.2017 Nicole Francisco

Great video showed me what to do

24.05.2017 Mohamed Waleed

Fuck you i did it it said you don t have a license wtf

22.05.2017 Eazy Gaming

Check this method. Https youtu. Be fpiv obz p

19.05.2017 Sean Nathan

No working how pless

17.05.2017 Sean Nathan

It working thank you

16.05.2017 Mitzie Cortes

Thanks for making the vid love it

15.05.2017 Kheyleb Reyes


12.05.2017 Joro Pulido

Bro it won t work

11.05.2017 classic homemadevids

Don t do it it has viros

08.05.2017 Sarra Yesha

I can t read it it s blurd . . . . But i did it the anyway

06.05.2017 Salman Sheikh

It worked

05.05.2017 Richell Villanueva

Its freaking blurry at the start

03.05.2017 Richell Villanueva

Okay. . . Wth i have the minecraft was download at the store i need licenes wtf

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