Weapons игра для android

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07.06.2017 jjthedj008


05.06.2017 Northern Sights

What is your outro song?

03.06.2017 Crazy Smile

Good music

01.06.2017 Mathew4good Aj

Can you make a tutorial on how to beat dungeon guardian on mobile because all my friends have the bone key and i want one for the pet

31.05.2017 Diane Wolfe

You can expand your hotbar from to in options.

29.05.2017 Zeke

I prefer razorpine with spectre set

26.05.2017 Cad John

Terra blade needs to be in top or

24.05.2017 Tomas Estrada Donahue

Such a hacker

22.05.2017 Rick Sanchez

What armor are you using

20.05.2017 IIXxModzxXII

I love flairon btw good vid

17.05.2017 Kevinvlogsandmore123 miranada1

How do you play online cuz i dont know how to

14.05.2017 Baby Pika Blaze

Toyoko. Don t listen to what people say in the comments. . . . This video was great! Everyone has their own opinion right? Just like you said in the video that this is just your opinion! Congrats on the views and likes i m the lucky th liker xd

11.05.2017 Drifted Fidget

My favorite is razerblade tiphoon

10.05.2017 Zontrony Warrior

Found this video and i wanted to say it great and also shoul i make a terreria hack video which needs devices and its for android idk if it works on ios p. S i have no uploaded in a while.

08.05.2017 Dan Ward

I have all of these!

07.05.2017 Blue Wolf

You forgot sniper rifle is the highest damage it drop by skeleton sniper after you defeat plantera skeleton sniper it spawn on dungeon

04.05.2017 Johnreynolds Kudera

Backup world is the easiest cheat

02.05.2017 ToyokoFX // MCPE

I cant believe this video reached k views tysm guys

29.04.2017 Sun Beach


27.04.2017 Spicy Guy

Do terraria please of my friends are also hoping for terraria in this channel please

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