Epsxe на андроид запуск игр

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16.12.2017 кιηg ιн

What did u use to record video

15.12.2017 EpicArian


13.12.2017 nuttah310

How do you scan sd?

11.12.2017 Padelis Anonymous


10.12.2017 red5robb1

I tap the download button for the game but nothing happens

07.12.2017 red5robb1

I tap the download button for the game but nothing happens

03.12.2017 Manuelle16 Pliego

Como puedo eliminar un juego de mi emulador?

01.12.2017 dimas herdiana


26.11.2017 JC ANDROID

De casuolidad alguin sabe como le hago para jugarlo con gamepad? ?

24.11.2017 Killing myself

You stupid fuck it says error for every god damn thing i press. How about you fix those problems you fuck.

22.11.2017 Omar Corral

The is the most confusing fucking thing ever. I don t understand any of this shit. I wasted my time and money.

20.11.2017 joel jose ascanio rodriguez

Exelente increible muy bueno

17.11.2017 Galdini Martínez

No sirve nadamas gaste dinero estafadores

15.11.2017 human :3

In download sevenzip plugin, mine apk just don t start the download.

12.11.2017 fijri adzanura

Link bro linkk

11.11.2017 lava searcher

When i run a game it doesnt show the sony intro thing help

08.11.2017 kirstin trans-girl mtf transgender

I dont get those options when i do run game and? It says game not found tho it does say i have a simulated bios so idk wtf to do

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