Android игры торрент iso

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06.06.2017 Prranjal Shrivaastav

Does it allow dual boot mode with win. ? Are there any known compatibility issues using windows . With any of the android versions on the same laptop, specially nougat?

04.06.2017 Chandrakant Thakor

Play store is work? ? ?

02.06.2017 Bisal Sunar

Hidden wifi isn t work fix it

30.05.2017 patrick cristobal

I have a question sir. Can i delete my win and make it officially android?

29.05.2017 tanishq gera

Does it work on a pc with bit type

26.05.2017 ssuuddoo

Thnx a lot bro. Greetings from baku

24.05.2017 Amjad alvi

No! Sorry its really works! Its really work and when i remove my pen drive and reboot it then it will back to windows!

23.05.2017 Fun Machine 1998

Thanks bro

22.05.2017 Anton Victorovich

Here is no x version

19.05.2017 shyam sunder

I have windows it work properly or not

17.05.2017 ayan ahsan

Can launch big games on it

15.05.2017 Raul Silva

Is possible to install play store apk?

14.05.2017 Vankor Animation

Hello, i am using vmware to open the androidx iso, i do run without instalation, but it doesn t run atfter the console opens

12.05.2017 Felix Dariel

Hi, now i have android x . Installed on a laptop but, what lines do i need to add to the menuentry? I have this but it does not work menuentry android . Rc set root hd, linux android . Rc kernel quie root dev ram androidboot. Hardware android x video src android . Rc initrd android . Rc initrd. Img

10.05.2017 Rakshit Shetty

Is there a one for oreo . ?

07.05.2017 Josh

I would recommend using rufus and the official download page with the iso. A great android i recommend is remix os . Which was unfortunately discontinued, but works for both amd and intel, but not nvidia. Phoenix os is up to date, and runs android . But only works on intel computers.

04.05.2017 Francisco Bv

Yo solo vine por el link v

02.05.2017 Bladee W

Me too it starts no rest just crashes advent android logo

01.05.2017 Enrique Cruz

P how can on my tv

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