Игра для android на html5

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29.01.2017 dancun chiriga

Wonderful and easy thanks. . . .

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25.01.2017 Pepino Pepinito


20.01.2017 Jason Loh

So this is one of the way to create hybrid apps?

19.01.2017 tapoolkeer


17.01.2017 Urketadic

Why am i getting error cant resolve symbol webview r. Id. Webview

15.01.2017 ๖ۣۜEX0R๖ۣۜ

Im guessing this cannot run php ajax? ? ?

14.01.2017 Bipul Kumar

Hey sir i am getting problem ininstalling adb please contact me and solve my problem https www. Facebook. Com writerbipul

11.01.2017 hatim makki

And java

10.01.2017 Kiran Eduonix

Hey friend, it is very good stuff. I like to watch knowledgeable session. If you can suggest me any full course tutorial on mobile framework then it will be good for me.

07.01.2017 Anang Kurandi

Ty buddy

06.01.2017 kondam rajesh

App is not loading. . Simply terminating crashing out. . . Instant run detected that you are running on a target device that has a work profile or multiple user accounts. Launching the app under a work profile or another user account on the target device will result in a crash. Learn more about how to run your app under a work profile. . . I am getting this in event log everytime when i run app. . On my device a pop up message as your app is stopped. . Can any one reply what i should do?

03.01.2017 Sagar Rawal

I am building a new app for android in design mode. . . . . . But i am stuck now and i can t find solution anywhere. I have multiple set of pages and i want a each page to have different background style. For now, if i apply any style choosing any page. . . . It automatically applies to every other page.

02.01.2017 Jackie

Can it load remote url or just local?

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