Лего игры на андроид по блютузу

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14.02.2017 Wolfgamer 297

Wheres minecrft pe?

12.02.2017 Hitpov

Can i play cybersohwrw on gamepad zm

10.02.2017 kingkong kill

Thx man for the gamepad game

08.02.2017 Максим Кочуков

В играх поддержка геймпада сделана рукожопом.

05.02.2017 Julienne Marguerite Beato

Dat creepy cat tho

02.02.2017 JayDeePLUS BEATZ

Watching on the samsung galaxy note edge in my galaxy smart dock connected to my inch flat. . .

01.02.2017 Letshed Skyshed

U for got pixel gun

29.01.2017 Mj Yumul

Thanks man!

27.01.2017 MasterSmasher

Are all of these offline?

24.01.2017 عالم التكنولوجيا


23.01.2017 Juan Lopes

Ajudou muito mais um inscrito

20.01.2017 Misskanni

Ace racing turbo also has bluetooth support

18.01.2017 Gatemak15


16.01.2017 decked salt 6


13.01.2017 WS Z

Faz uma segunda parte desse video, seria bom, tem outros jogos compatvel com controle bluetooth.

11.01.2017 Efe 572

Wehre is minecraft

08.01.2017 Cina Tamvan

What s your gameoad

07.01.2017 Eddy Alves Songs

Por favor, faam a perte com novos jogos!

05.01.2017 Cuby Lp

What s with mcpe?

04.01.2017 AtomicLync

I am still looking for games for part two. It s pretty difficult to find another . So far these are the games i ve tested and confirmed work well with a standard bluetooth gamepad dan the man, oceanhorn, retro city rampage, kotor, aquaria, implosion, lego jurassic world, asphalt , asphalt extreme, crashlands, evoland, downwell, lego batman dc super heroes, space marshals , goo saga, skyfish, mechanic escape, rayman adventures. I have not personally tested the following games, but i am pretty sure they will also work minecraft, bully, gta lcs, roblox, call of duty black ops zombies there are a lot of games you would expect should work with a gamepad, but they don t. Games like the following do not seem to work with a standard gamepad lara croft guardian of light, castle of illusion, dont starve, brothers a tale of two sons

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