Игра херстоун для андроид

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02.10.2017 Bearded Gamer

So, other than watching movie files and playing mobile games, what else do these android boxes actually do?

30.09.2017 Mr_LiNe

Thanks for making this video

29.09.2017 Winston Smith

Could you do me a favor related to my not rooted mxq pro k? Go to your rooted mxq pro k s settings then about and see if your info is different than this and, if so, please tell me exactly how it s different. Thanks. Model mxqpro build p userdebug . . Lmy v test keys kernel version project wed may cst

27.09.2017 Francisco Velásquez

I justo recived mine, it does not recognize muy logitec f gamepad

26.09.2017 Lalith

Hello sir how did you screen record it

23.09.2017 Ítalo Kael Oliveira Dias

Witch gpu its on this tv box? And how much ram?

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