Майнкрафт 156 на андроид

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18.06.2017 Sm4rt Pizz5

Are u a boy or girl? I think ur a girl but ur chrismas vid shows that ur a guy. . But i hate ur vid

16.06.2017 Savage X

Really? Strip mining has a better chance than caving to find ores? Thats just stupid

14.06.2017 HaHa HaHa

Are u australian or british cuz ur accent

13.06.2017 Gabby and Garie Gaming

I subscribe guys can u sub my channel

12.06.2017 Ongalad H

Always put your torches on the right going out exploring. Then you know to follow torches on the left to get back to where you started in caves

10.06.2017 Hayley Douglas

Who else is watching while eating maltesers or any other chocolates

08.06.2017 fazil bajar

She barely has , susbcribers

05.06.2017 RaphaelPlays

The android miner should build a little town for her and the villagers

03.06.2017 xjsnxjabx hdbshdhx

Bich! !

01.06.2017 fire gamerz12

Wheres ep ?

29.05.2017 TnT_ Play_Games

Hello i loved your b vid and subt and liket can you guys shuck my channel out i play minecraft clash of clans so can u sub to me cuz im traying to hit subs

27.05.2017 super gamer 013 rodson

Get the best app ever! ! ! ! ! Tolbox

26.05.2017 Sync Vibezz

I really like your vids maybe can you consider to doing a duo vid with me

23.05.2017 Its_Richele *

What do app do u use to make the intro?

21.05.2017 Osmund Ibeh

Build a base

19.05.2017 Aliya 0309

The android miner you should do the ui to classic cuz it look super cool this is how to do it . Go to setting . Go to video setting . Turn on advanced video setting . Go to ui profile and tap on classic . Enjoy

16.05.2017 Galaxy Girl

You sounded like a baby dantdm d i love your accent

15.05.2017 MLGdogegameing123 video-Random and more!!!!!

Hi android miner i just wanna say i live in florida where the hurricanes irama is the best thing is that my house survived wow i prated for god and he helped so i wish you well android miner i hope you make best video right now my dad is repairing my home

13.05.2017 MLGdogegameing123 video-Random and more!!!!!

Prated means prayed to god

10.05.2017 MLGdogegameing123 video-Random and more!!!!!

And i never got a shoutout

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