Angry birds classic на андроид

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14.10.2017 merica silaen

Saya suka permainan ini y

11.10.2017 Danish Ibrar

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10.10.2017 Jemina Jämiäluoma

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

07.10.2017 Fragrance Lair

I mute the sounds xd

06.10.2017 nier89

Wow i was starting to think i was alone, glad to see i m not the only one who doesn t like this game xd

04.10.2017 jakobjager

This game is a peice of cocadodie lousy peice of stolen code. I agree all the way.

03.10.2017 Tommy Carpenter

I got this on a kindle for free

01.10.2017 Malindra Novan

Good game. . I like it. . .

30.09.2017 jakobjager

Sorry, i was half out of it that day.

28.09.2017 Eduard Ritok


27.09.2017 LunaDragon64

Nice game

26.09.2017 Alina C

Yes main omar gad

25.09.2017 SunriseDictated

Ads never show when wifi is off.

23.09.2017 Max LimbThrasher


20.09.2017 Dung Pham

I can see you play game anrybirds is gold, i like

18.09.2017 InflatableBoobies

Its a fun game but does it need to be on game consoles

15.09.2017 Rafiul Islam

I always like this game. . . . . Recent i playing dead allaince game in apple store its so amzing https itunes. Apple. Com us app dead alliance id ? Ls m

14.09.2017 Envisioned Love

Angry birds would be great, accept upon actually playing it one realizes you need to buy the app in order to even go past the st level, which you get a short trial run at first. Also it sucks even after you paid them, because during the game you can buy items in order to pass even the nd level the mighty hoax and continue on, my basic ultimatum? Angry birds, the game they made ridiculously hard in order to try to force you to have no options but to buy the upgrades mighty eagle with cold hard cash if you ever want stars in virtually any missions, or if you are low on cash? Play for hours on end after you even pass any boss level after you get halfway through the mighty hoax!

12.09.2017 Georgi Tzvetkov

If you like angry birds then you will definitely like vulture hunter https play. Google. Com store apps details? Id com. Saveggs. Game. Android hl en

10.09.2017 Frank Russell Design

I never play games on pc s phones or whatever. I hate cards and board games. Games are dumb.

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