Запуск steam игр на android

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13.12.2017 Jonathan Gutierrez

Bro i love tf and i wanna play it so bad help me dude

11.12.2017 T'Remix Neo

Laggy as hell

08.12.2017 subhra collection game & etc

My pc doesnt have a nvidia graphics card and i have gb of ram can i stream gta without lag to my android urgent question plz reply

06.12.2017 phaxux

Aw fuck i have a windows

04.12.2017 TheNavyGamer

Thanks it worked on overwatch, totally not easy and not that i got any wins only one with a hard mcree carry, god bless that mcree, not playable almost but really fun, i challenged my friend a on , it didn t go as well as i hoped, thanks again

01.12.2017 Ajong07 GT

Video begins at tutorial begins at

29.11.2017 Popple888

I love how smart people like you are no offense

26.11.2017 Oscar Tan Guan


24.11.2017 Jarvis Jones

Where are the links for the downlods

22.11.2017 Jarvis Jones

And it doesn t work

19.11.2017 LEGO GALAXY

Not i can play tf on my phone! Thamks so much

17.11.2017 AlReyWriter

So will my moga work with this?

15.11.2017 UNDERSWAP123

Wtf is that controller set up lol

13.11.2017 thenfs overclocker

Is there any way to stream over the local wifi of my home, i means stream via local, not via internet, i have lag due to my slow internet, soo just wendring if there is any solution, thanks in advance bro

11.11.2017 Chanthou Tea

I would rather use dead trigger keys

10.11.2017 puertorican1

Starts talking about how dangerous it is to download stuff from random unknown sources. Starts telling you to download something from a random unknown website.

08.11.2017 Eduart Lungu

Like gucifer xd

07.11.2017 Al3x ANONYMOUS

Romania power

05.11.2017 Vanya Levesque

Why the hell do you think we would watch this its pointless if you need a pc

03.11.2017 Firefox Afterburner

I m on android and i don t know where the login is some plz help

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