Chrono android игра

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13.12.2017 Charlotte Linlin


10.12.2017 chessplayer360

Baduy pala ng potangina

07.12.2017 zeek canlapan

I was mesmerized with the character select, but then when it goes to the actual game play i gotta admit it was pretty boring.

05.12.2017 Sang Vo

Game suxs

02.12.2017 brooklyn baka

Ente indonesia mana bang?

30.11.2017 Keneche Yamazaki

Make it openworld add more equipments so everyhuman has originality looks make evets every week

28.11.2017 PRO DOTA PLAYER

Trash game

26.11.2017 Daniel_Ry

Autowalk only? ? ?

24.11.2017 Polska Griff

Why is chrono tales not working on pc

21.11.2017 Mikel Darren

Ada top up?

20.11.2017 Kath Cat

I m lvl. In the game and i am a ranger p

17.11.2017 KAIZER_09

I m lvl in chrono tales

16.11.2017 Mr. Broken

Pangit pambata, pota papangit na laro ngaun sa playstore. . Ran online sana

14.11.2017 Vayne Solidor

Can t start that shit game black screen with layout message board impossible to close probably configs behind!

13.11.2017 J Lozano

Its look like zeon game

11.11.2017 Ayame wqx

Which is the strongest class that hve advantage?

10.11.2017 rai STAR

Online rpg trading systems real time pvp good gameplay. Anyone knows a game wid dis feats?

08.11.2017 HORCRUXES

Esse video loko https youtu. Be gt aiw wco

05.11.2017 Daniel Gonzales

This is so boring game than the old days chrono tales, old days chrono tales is so very fun and adventure and monster event and the gameplay is so fun than this new chrono tales is so boring. . . .

04.11.2017 Daniel Gonzales

This game is good for years old. . Hahaha lmao

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