Finger игра для android

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14.02.2017 Brad Schilb

Man this games looks pretty cool. It says my phone isnt compatible tho. Oh and goodjob on fingerboard

08.02.2017 Luka Apostolski

Sony ericson x doesnt have multy touch. And you clearly need that for this game

06.02.2017 Rhys Smith

Multy touch. . . Ahaha fucking retarded

04.02.2017 char-he73

This game sucks ass

02.02.2017 Rodion Kudryavtsev

Game shit

30.01.2017 aidan neuféglise

F this game it looks like my sister is drawing a bike

28.01.2017 Donald Dank


25.01.2017 SzympPL

Fajna gierka

23.01.2017 urkeman02

The game sucks

20.01.2017 MrShuffler2000

That s so gay the one for ios is way cooler

18.01.2017 Arion Rei

Jogo legak

16.01.2017 Henrique Andrade

Adorei seu vdeo

14.01.2017 Pravin Kharvi


11.01.2017 ajay karshyap

Xx x

09.01.2017 Lukas Gumercindo


07.01.2017 Uborka Channel ツ

Mi ez a ds szar xdd? ? ,

03.01.2017 Mr. J

Worst game ever x fucking d

02.01.2017 FingerPUNK1841 TechDecks


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