Игры на андроид chaos rings

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11.05.2017 Muhammad Ali

Is this game work on galaxy s gt i and how?

09.05.2017 bryan montesinos

Does it work for samsung galaxy tab ?

06.05.2017 masoud omer

Best rpg ever! ! Best story graphic action inviroment. Just woow

05.05.2017 masoud omer

Yes work on galaxy tab i finshed it on this device

02.05.2017 Bagus Teguh

How to instal this game on galaxy tab . ?

30.04.2017 delljohnnie1980

Right on square enix, no reason to buy broken game mechanic knockoffs from gameloft.

28.04.2017 Craig Goldsmith

Can some one reply to me where to download this on android without survey and password

27.04.2017 RynerLute XD

Love this game

25.04.2017 berry more

First time i know mantis carries chocolate!

24.04.2017 Genesis Makasiar

Is that feral chaos from ff ? .

21.04.2017 Gabriel Correa

Dmg illuminati comfirmed

20.04.2017 CoolRiver9 T.V.

Darn it i can t play this game anymore because they removed it from the appstore for ios. I don t think they are going to make it available for ios because people don t usually remove the game and fix it, they just update it.

17.04.2017 Mc Donalds

I m just laughing by seeing this game play lol how they are making voices damn really u make me laugh

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