Игры про создание бункера на андроид

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10.12.2017 pinoy channel


09.12.2017 Gabriel Pereira

The vault code is

06.12.2017 Oscar Santos

The code is

04.12.2017 ClashWithSkyfallToo

You are a noob. No one dares to kill big one in lower level

02.12.2017 Jon Farizal


30.11.2017 Victor Maurer CrazzzyboyYT

I dont get the peeing grafix btw im i havent changed my pic since i was my mom did it

28.11.2017 milion dom

Lol srry dont know pass is

27.11.2017 Kaniki ken


25.11.2017 Spheredarkangel

It does exist the code is i found the code on a dead body while exploring limestone area idk the exact name but yea it does work but while trying i had to reset for me it wasn t a problem given that i had a bad start i restarted the game by re downloading the game also it kicked in the update for the code apparently try the code i gave you if it doesn t work either you have to reset your game sorry for all high level people who wants the alpha bunker

23.11.2017 Bito Pamuji

The password is

21.11.2017 Prezatonz Fan //Marcus Cesar Aton

Lol it s

18.11.2017 kungwam CHOM


16.11.2017 Valentino Ribičić

Code is i find it in woods in some dead man.

14.11.2017 DeadSouls5

U pled

11.11.2017 DeadSouls5


10.11.2017 shadow Gamer

The code is

08.11.2017 Man Plays Games

I remember codes for opening bunker a in version . . It s back d

03.11.2017 Shiny Corner

What is the code today for alpha bunker

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