Terraria maps android all items map

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09.02.2017 theTate isCraftig

Is ist save? ? ? ? ? The download in web

06.02.2017 Nice Gaming

I dont have the file data

05.02.2017 Honey Badger

Help, i can t root my device. . .

03.02.2017 MLG Pleb

Me too i don t have a second data folder it just says empty folder

31.01.2017 gemini :3

Dont trust this guy he is a trickster it has virus

29.01.2017 Mr. Vomitous

I have root and es file but still no files folder showing up

26.01.2017 einst master

Why i cant found files in terraria file?

25.01.2017 Voltrix Gaming


24.01.2017 XMallowZ

What s the name of the song? Btw thanks

22.01.2017 I Got Gobbered

Dude yu so far away from your wifi

20.01.2017 TinyBolts GP

Wtf it aint lettin meeeee

19.01.2017 Flying Puff

Its not working i did it twice heeelpp

17.01.2017 Tg_Blitz 2000

Yo i m ayden too lol

16.01.2017 APRO YT

I dont have the second data

13.01.2017 MLG pro prpe

Why is my terraria data doesn t have the file folder? ?

11.01.2017 DEV!LZ ッ

Does it have to be a paid version of the game?

09.01.2017 Gary Atienza

Download it in acmarket with hack with no for free

06.01.2017 LuisDeh Gamer

I can t when i finished it the world is not there and the player

03.01.2017 InvizPH ツ

Bro. . Ur video ia awesome. . But i have a problem. . In my data theres nothing there

02.01.2017 TheWolfiMinerF5

Hey guys i notice u had some troble finding the files click on my face watch my video and u will find out!

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