Игры про pokemon на андроид

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18.06.2017 chris kennedy

Terra monsters is definitely awesome so far. I am not that far in the game. However, the looks of the monsters are epic, but they obviously put everything they had for the monsters, and made every person including your creatable character! Baby faced. And when they have a mustache? For fucks sake, it looks like an oversized baby cut out a piece of cardboard. Xd

17.06.2017 Tj Skull


16.06.2017 Jawid _tiger

Hello can you make a video about games like hey monster please

14.06.2017 SLC 199

Evocers are you ready for evocreo! ! ! !

13.06.2017 Katarina Tomic

Terra monsters is better than terra monsters . Yeah, it s not offline game, but lags a lot.

12.06.2017 Heythem Mimo

Monster d

09.06.2017 MrHawkingTons567

Why isnt neo monsters there its so like pokmon its better than evocreo

06.06.2017 Funniest Comment

Wait dragon mania legends is offline? !

05.06.2017 Mianicious

I wan t an rpg game, not dumb card games. I m not a grandpa.

02.06.2017 Gaming Bats

Oh god

31.05.2017 toplist

That is not pokemon go games

29.05.2017 keren barkeren

Nothing here except for numbers and is anything like pokemon. . Not even a little bit, delete this stupid ass shit video please

27.05.2017 dragon lord

Only some of these are like pokemon

25.05.2017 Wolfgaming Or thecatlord oflords

Ahem. Best ripoffs.

23.05.2017 700Apache

Try bulu monster, it is a great game

21.05.2017 Rui Leite

And terapets and miscrits? ?

19.05.2017 Denis Poke

Hearthstone isn t like pokemon

18.05.2017 Sam Smith

Evocreo is the best one

16.05.2017 Sam Smith

Evocreo is the best one

13.05.2017 OmegaCobblestone

Evocreo is s amazing though even if i cant play it d

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