Мтг игра на андроид

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03.12.2017 Kuang Adam

Definitely would like to know more about using these!

02.12.2017 BlazenJester

I would not recommend using any mtgo clones cause wizards is pretty pissed defiantly with xmage

30.11.2017 Mysterious Gangsta

Untap is good because you can use the hot keys to make the game much much easier

27.11.2017 Kurtz

I ve been thinking of starting magic the gathering, i ve played pokemon tcg a few times i mainly collect. But what would be a good starter kit or starter deck.

26.11.2017 Jet Edge

I personally use magic workstation

24.11.2017 Tulio

Xmage is perfect. Rules are extremely accurate. There s cube, drafts, constructed, even momir basic. There s pretty much everything that you wanna play, but the more exotic you get fewer player you ll find though. All that it takes is a bit of practice. As long as you keep playing for a while you ll get easily used to it and dominating it sooner than you imagine. The best thing that i love about xmage is the rules enforcements. Well, not having to argue with you opponent about what you did and what he wants to do, while one says the opposite of the other is a real pain in the a . Also xmage is very didactic. You learn the phases and steps, rules in general, what you can and what you cannot be do, besides, how to order triggers and stuff. Xmage is definitely the best option.

23.11.2017 Syncron King

I would love to see more on xmage btw amazing videos i m a little new to magic

20.11.2017 LAZER COBRA

When i started playing i just went in my lgs told him i want to get into magic and he ended up giving me two booster boxes full of random cards and a starter deck for free it gave me a very nice start to my collection and my favorite hobby

18.11.2017 Dan Kurach

Tutorials would be great jeremy!

16.11.2017 T1GlistenerElf

You can roll a dice. Cringe so hard otherwise, i greatly enjoyed your video. Please keep up the content.

14.11.2017 KitchenTableMTG Forums

Xmage isn t bad, prefer it over cockatrice

12.11.2017 Fulmetalotaku

Awesome! I just learned about more places that i can do free magic in this video, i was getting tired of duels and hadn t wanted to install cockatrice, so i am going to be checking out untap. Thanks for the great content as usual!

11.11.2017 bboyle28222

My best draft chaff finds have been inferno titan, jace, memory adept, snapcaster mage, and jace, the mind sculptor.

08.11.2017 Joseph Fernandez

First rule of xmage is don t talk about xmage.

07.11.2017 Contrahechizo

Now this is the kind of content we love! Nice work!

04.11.2017 Andrés Felipe Higuera

What about mws magic workstation?

03.11.2017 Todd Hobza

Please do tutorials on these

31.10.2017 leimad13

Recommend checking out octgn. Very good platform but pretty unknown.

29.10.2017 Ipols

Hey thank you very much, the only reason i wasn t playing this game is because i can t afford it and i get very frustrated thinking about every card i need i m a completionist

27.10.2017 Sephyrias

The problem with cockatrice is the lack of players and the ingame layout. It doesn t have a command zone and multiplayer is really awkward, because people can use different layout structures. What i don t like about all of them is that they use card images from the gatherer, because the gatherer images are so blurred.

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