Power rangers игра для андроид

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15.12.2017 SpangeBab

Guys this game is a piece of shit! ! ! ! ! ! ! Crash, super slow, time waster. If you want to download this game, don t because this game is a fucking piece of shit! ! ! Fuck you nway inc. ! Fuck you so fucking much

13.12.2017 MarLa Salagantin

I luv it

11.12.2017 MarLa Salagantin

I luv it im on level now. .

09.12.2017 Igor Lima

Kimberly hart power rangers the movie or katherine hillard power rangers zeo are the best starting leaders, the pink rangers have easy devastating attacks. Danny delgado is also a good starter.

07.12.2017 vi bz

Noob gameplay

05.12.2017 Alladin Batman

Power rangers vs dc universe game lets get it. .

03.12.2017 ¡gameAnime

No sirve

01.12.2017 adjing narvaez

So i can be also a hero like the power rangers on super megaforce. So are you with me! ?

29.11.2017 The Crimsons

This is like marvel contest of champion

27.11.2017 Jey Gandara Alonso

Like of play! ! !

25.11.2017 kane hodder

I have question how do u move player i am trying replace ranger it keeps pointing one in middle

23.11.2017 Sandeep Khomane

How to game play

21.11.2017 Sandeep Khomane

Game download wad

19.11.2017 Sandeep Khomane

Game download wad

17.11.2017 Catherine Kyeremateng

Guess what? You got more than like

14.11.2017 Paul Jones

E a s y a n d s i m p l e m e t h o d t o g e t t i n g u n l i m i t e d c r y s t a l s a n d c o i n s p o w e r r a n g e r s l e g a c y w a r s l i n k h e r e twitter. Com i moments

13.11.2017 dark games

Dose this game work offline

10.11.2017 Dodalalal91

No voice for the power rangers? ?

07.11.2017 GOD LIKE

Good game once you get into it

05.11.2017 Jpn Jns Jpn Jns

No offile

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